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2013-10-22 21:22
Skyscraper Simulator
Ok well - today there was a "new" release in steam .. actually it is not new but it is an older game .. even dinosaurs like "The 7th Guest" appeared there .. and they do not mention that this game is from the last decade or so .. unfortunately, younger players me not be very happy with the game .. whatever.

This post is about Skyscraper Simulator. First of all .. it is not a simulator. I bought that game, because I expected it to be a little bit like .. what was the name of it .. "Building & Co"? That was actually a pretty nice Sim Game, a pretty nice simulation. But unfortunately there were a lot of bugs in it.

But because I liked "Building & Co" and Skyscraper Simulator actually looked similar on the screenshots I gave it a try.

What shall I say .. it is crap :-) Well the game is from 2009 or so, so I didnt expect top artworks .. but it is actually worse .. the game looks like being made after Doom 2. Looks horrible. I see no reason why this game is in 3D at all .. if it would be in 2D it would look much better. Whatever.

The "Simulation" can be described best with "Pulling some Triggers and Scrollbars". Yes. that's what it is. You just klick a little bit around, assign workeres here and there .. and click fast forward .. now you can look on the screen. Let's watch some building machines driving around doing something. Uh. Amazing ..

Sorry guys. Don't buy. It is a waste of money. If you like those style of games - let's look for:

Building & Co

It is from 2008 (Codemasters) and it is 100 times better. Grpahics better, Feeling better, more features - a real game. Some bugs though .. but well .. you should try that instead.
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