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2013-02-23 15:01
The "iWatch" is on the way
Yes, another "i" Product, which is not the first one and also isn't innovative - it is around all the time but it could be a pretty cool concept.

First about apple. They already have patented a device with flexible screen and wrist-band .. uh my god, yes apple, you have invented it. I can see the future, apple will sue every watch manufacturer out there just because they have patented the iWatch (which is not the official title)

so there are already smart watches available like the "I'm Watch" - a device wihich is connected with your smartphone to display information.

Unfortunately they seem not to have any patent on that "a device which connects to a smartphone" or an "watch with OLED display" or an "Mobile Device showing information"

That is what patents are formulated these days and it is a pitty. Patents nowdays just brake out technology, nothing is possible without a lawsuit from anyone who patented "a rectangle thing with a button"

How - in my opinion - should a SmartWatch work and look? That's pretty easy. It should fit on every wrist and should be very light. In best terms the whole watch could be some sort of flexible touch screen display (which are already possible) and some type of magnet to fix it on every wrist. That would be absolutely awesome, but would I build it? No .. for sure not. For what? To get sued by apple or any other big company who thinks they be the godfather of inventions?

No, no .. if someone decide to build such a watch, they have to raise funds for development and production BUT also the same funds again just to pay lawyers .. that's ridicolous, massive ridicolous, because such jerks like apple don't have enough power to siege others by just building a better product.

In fair market everyone should be allowed to use invented technologie and the one which makes the best out of it will have the best sales - easy like that, there is just no need to patent "rounded corners with a button" .. that is nothing special, but I am sure, apple needed millions of people and several years to develop that very complex geometric iPhone, so it is worth to patent it.

Sorry, apple. It is not. It is just a rectangle with rounded corners and a button on it and patent office shall go to hell for accepting such a patent at all.
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