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2013-03-01 15:08
About Google Glass
Google Glass is coming. A small device which is some sort of google (how ironic) which displays your handy display right in front of your eye.

Well, google says, the meaning is, that people start to see each other and interact with each other instead of starring onto their smartphones.
That idea is pretty neat, but I don't think that Google Glass will be any success at all.

It may be very cool and handy to use during meetings and such things, to always have the information present or to see the projected image on the wall (behind the speaker) and interact with that.

For sure, in professional environments, google glass could be a real benefit. But in regular life? No way. And there is a simple reason for it: Law.

As soon as a decent amount of people will use such a glass, there will be alaw which forbids it to wear it in publicity because it is danger.

Nowadays, there are so much laws about what is forbidden during different activities because world is full of idiots and we have to save every idiot, no matter how idiotic he is :-)

And people will want to use their glasses during driving - great debatte! It will be forbidden. And why carry around such a glass if you have to put it down all the time because you are not allowed to wear it.

The next revolution would be to integrate google glass technologie in standard glasses or maybe even in lenses. Great idea? Yes, indeed but what's about law, law and regulations will stop such technologies right before it is popular.

Sadely though, that's the problem of our current age, so much potential but so less possibilities :-)

Would I buy google glass? .. no .. not really. I tend to be not available all the time, if I am not available, I am just not available, there are too much people who felt to be forced to be available 24/7 .. there is no reason for it. And I also don't want to run around with that google glass on all the time.

I would prefer some sort of smartwatch more, just to be informed about such things, may sending some sort of stream to the phone, like (important) mail notifications and such things, that is more practical in my opinion.

I would rather buy the now Oculus 3D .. whcih is an asthonishing device - hopefully it will be released very soon, but that's a different story :-)

What do you think about google glass?
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