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2013-03-02 11:41
Apple iCloud deletes E-Mails
Actually they don't but here is the story:

Currently there are some people screaming, crying and whining because there were some mails not delivered - actually there were deleted silently therefore there are some mails gone.

Now those people (MacWorld for example) criticize apple for reading and deleting customer e-mails like they like.

Reason for that discussion was a mail with a script inside which contains some parts with pronographic text. Which ist not bad at all, it's the freedom of people to send it - but apple have scanned that mail and deleted it, so there was no delivery and no error report whatsoever.

This time I have to stand on apples side, because MacWorld are just Noobs with no idea how spam filtering works (which is what is happening here).

Spam Filtering is a technique to save e-mail customers from unwanted e-mails which we alle know and we all hate.

Those filters nowadays are very sophisticated on one hand, but there is still the same technique as it was years ago. There is some sort of blacklist with the all known spam words.

So, normally, you all know that words, for example "viagra", or "penis enlargement". There are tons of that mails you'll find in your mailbox ocassionally.

So, for example, if someone writes a book and mentions any spam topic, a spam filter will recogize that and will mark your mail as junk or even just delete it.

That is what happens to MacWorld (or whoever) - just because they have no idea what they are talking about and how things on world actually work.

So they say, they didn't even get a deletion message, the mail was just removed and magically dissapeard. Yes.. that's how it is made with spam. Imagine, you would get an "message deleted" report for every spam mail the spam filter has filtered. That would drive the spam filter absolutely useless!!!!

So there is some problem with spam filtering - we all know that, that it happens often, that mails are not delivered just because of spam recognition.
So right before blaming apple for using a spam filter, we should think about how good it is to use spam filters at all.

Personally, I do use only fail safe spam filter techniques, even, when that means, that a midrange amount of spam will get through and will annoy me - but it is very low so I can filter that manually or put them on a blacklist. Whatever that's not for the consumer, that's for techies. And we all know, that apple does not made devices for geeks and techies but for consumers, so they have to filter nearly every sight of spam to satisfy their user base.

It is a bit sad, that a company like MacWorld is not able to figure out what spam filtering is on there own, so someone have to ask them if they know anything at all ..?
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