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2013-02-11 12:50
Music Industry suffers from Anti Piracy Actions
This is just funny but it should get more attention and a little bit of analysis why this happens. So over the last years, the income for music industry was falling. They said, it is because of pir [...]

2013-02-07 18:15
Play the games online
Just to remind all of my new readers, that you can play some of our android games in your browser too! To do so, you need to have a working java engine installed. Than just look out for the "Play i [...]

2013-02-05 12:34
Letter 2 from com2us (Tower Defense)
After responsing to com2us, that I will change my game title and informing them, that the phrase "Tower Defense" is descriptive, I got another response from them: ------------------ [...] Under th [...]

2013-02-04 17:02
Being Free App of the Day at Amazon
Recently my game "Minesweeper: Unlimited!" was featured as Free App of the Day at the Amazon Store and I want to tell you my experiences with it. First of all, I did not take any action. Amazon wro [...]

2013-02-04 12:17
Copyright Infringement of "Tablet Tower Defense"
Today I got a letter from com2us (see my last post) where they informed me about copyright infringement, because I use the phrase "Tower Defense" in one of my games. That is a bit of stupid, becaus [...]

2013-02-04 12:11
letter from com2us (Tower Defense)
The following is the letter from com2us informing me, that they trademarked the phrase "Tower Defense" and that I infringe that trademark with my game "Tablet Tower Defense" Dear Sir/Madam: I am [...]

2013-01-17 18:36
Android Report Lookback 2012 - Part 2
In Part 2 of this Lookback Report I wanna give some insights in what to expect from an ad supported game. First of all I am not unsatisfied and I was really surprised about the monthly outcome of R [...]

2013-01-17 18:26
Android Report Lookback 2012 - Part 1
Hi fellow Readers and Followers I am a bit late, but I promised to make a lookback for the year 2012 and give some insights in what happened and how things was working. As some of you know, I st [...]

2013-01-12 15:04
Current State at Greenlight
Time to give an update about the Greenlight Try-Out. After all, things were doing much better than expected, it get's more upvotes than I thought but is starting to drop now and loosing grip. Becau [...]

2013-01-11 16:54
Hands On Windows 8
Time to see what Windows 8 is doing - especially because the cheap update option which I recomment you to use for older Windows System (like XP). I already had an Laptop running XP which is not lon [...]

2013-01-09 13:32
Galaxy S3 USB Device Not Recognized - Solution
From Time to time (especially after firmware updates) you may find yourself with an USB Error out of nowhere when trying to connect your Galaxy S3 with your computer. You will get a "Device not rec [...]

2013-01-09 13:13
KB2685811 failed - Solution
This update was disturbing me a long time and today I decided to fix it. This update was failing with a configuring error after installation so it was not possible to install it the usual way - her [...]

2013-01-05 19:01
Participating at Steam Greenlight - First Thoughts
As some of you may know I submitted Robo Miner at Steam Greenlight - just to see if it has a chance. The Fee is not a problem because I have different Game Prototypes in Progress which are more suited [...]

2012-12-31 16:46
What we learn from games like DayZ and War Z
2012 was the year of the Zombie Games .. it was a hype and it is still a hype - even when the genre is getting killed by strange developers :-) Whatever, now when the world has not collapsed like t [...]

2012-12-01 01:35
Android Report Summary Preview
Nearly a year ago I started to code some games for android and also was publishing some Android income reports. Some of you may miss the latest reports - well - that is because I had to do differen [...]

2012-11-30 16:30
Windows Blue - as I told you
There is a news around which mentions, that Microsoft is already working on a new Windows Version - currently named Windows Blue. Well, it seems, that it will be Next-Generation Version of Windows [...]

2012-11-23 17:35
Android 4.2 suffers from bugs
The new Nexus devices which are delivered with Android Version 4.2 seem to suffer from various bugs - the latest android version feels a bit unstable. Maybe that is a very bad time for google to de [...]

2012-11-23 17:17
New Fishing Mail / PayPal
Not sure how old that scam / phishing mail is, but it is a quite good one and I am pretty sure many receivers could be trapped with that one. The mail looks like a mail from paypal telling you that [...]

2012-11-03 18:17
Google comments missing SD Slot on Nexus Phones
Yet another interesting story is the statement from google, why they consequently do not use an SD Slot on their Nexus Phones. They say, the main reason for it is, that users are confused about add [...]

2012-11-03 18:03
Patent Wars: SurfCast vs Windows Metro
What I am talking about? Most of you may remember it as "Metro" - the funky, colorful new User Interface which comes with Windows 8. Thing is, "Metro" had some licensing issues, that's why MS dropp [...]

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