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2012-07-10 13:16
Update v1.4.9
Another minor update was released yesterday, some of you should already get an update on their phones :-)

There are no big changes in this release but hopefully some helpful.

In the first the game does now request more memory from your device, which should help you playing even deeper mines. Anyway there is no guarentee that this will work, I would be glad if someone reports if he is now able to play deeper mines than before.

Also the speak bubble was a bit off the last versions, which is corrected now (Samsung store rejected last Robo Miner Update because of that)

There was also little wierd issue, when robo talks while there was no mine loaded - for example if you have just started with the game. That is also fixed now.

There is also a small feature change! You are now able to pick up placed pillars again. So if you want to pick up a piller, just move to the field and press the pillar button. The Robo will remove the piller and it is added back to your inventory.
That does not work if your piller-inventory is full!

That feature may(!) be extended to ladders in the future

Hope everything runs fine and you enjoy the game :-)
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7 RESPONSES TO "Update v1.4.9":
2013-08-12 22:08
I have v1.4.13 how so I update to v1.4.9 or higher? For android
*also I love this game its awsome, can't wait for a rock drill :)
2012-07-21 05:16
You had mentioned before that you were going to make drilling thru grey rocks possible @ higher upgrade levels. Have you done this? Im up to level 35 and still can't. Also, it would be really neat to have an Ice Block for robo, have it act like a temporary support that will work on lava blocks?
Great game! Am only on level 8 because I like to mine maximum ores. I agree too that you ought to be able to sell back extra dynamite.
Keep up the good work.

answered by

no, it's not done yet, I am very busy with other projects at the moment, but the work for the next update is in progress
2012-07-19 22:28
Hey :-) love the update, and the game is excellent :-D I really hope you do add in multiplayer, so me and my brother can play in the same mine. That would be really good and a great feature :-) also, maybe being able to sell dynamite, as who needs more than 1000 large dynamite!!! Keep up the great work :-D


answered by

Multiplayer is very hard to accomplish - I still plan different updates before thinking on a multiplayer mode - but I will not forget about it ;-)
2012-07-19 13:25
that's not a good message :(
Maybe you should do some paid apps, then you wouldn't encounter low budget that easy :)
But DON'T think about in-app purchases please :)
Btw, i forgot to make a backup before i flashed cyanogenmod 9 :( would you be so nice and send me a savegame of mine 3 ?
keep the good work up *_*

greetz Bernhard

answered by

I cannot make savegames because my tools are already modified for the next version, sorry
2012-07-19 12:18
Thanks for your reply, btw what's the development status for Rocks in Space ? I'm looking pretty forward to it ;)
Maybe I'm just too clumsy to climb straight ^^

answered by

Rocks in Space is currently suspended (not canceled) because of low time and budget. Development will be resumed in the end of this year, I think :-)
2012-07-19 02:30
What do you think about disableable digging, when climbing a ladder up or down? Then you cant dig unwanted Blocks. Maybe you'll call it safe mode or something like this ;)

answered by

you can already touch'n'hold to let the robo autoclimb. robo will not build ladders when auto climbing.

problem is how to disable it in a way every user will clearly know how to do - there is currently not much room for any more input elements :-)

I don't want to make things more complicate..
2012-07-14 12:02
works now
tested until level 60

answered by

Glad to hear, that it works. Different players also reported, that they are now able to play deeper mines on most of the devices
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