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2012-07-30 00:28
Update v1.4.10
There were some comments about a missing diamond .. I was still not able to reproduce that behaviour, but I have built in an extra safety layer, so it is just not possible to be without a diamond - even when it is not there, it will be generated - so there is just no possibility any more, that there is no diamond :-)

Also the Diamond can now fall down - it's more an optical gimmick :-)

Sorry, not more changes this time, it was just a bugfix release, because I was busy with making the next update for Tablet Tower Defense.

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3 RESPONSES TO "Update v1.4.10":
2012-12-31 10:51
So do the death penalty for hard mode.

You have difficulty for mines that you can change when you want, but you can do another difficulty for entire save, chosen only one time at start.

Easy would be no-cash loss and inventory loss like it's now (Its not big deal to find bombs in "?" for free).

Normal would be that 20%loss of money and inventory loss.

Hard... I don't know, maybe 40-60%loss of money, inventory loss. In hard-game mode it would be nice to see a little higher cost for upgrades, maybe make them weaker.

Think about it :)
2012-12-30 20:03
When you're dead you can still use bombs.

Please add something like death penalty. It would take for example 20% of money, Or add difficulty like less money from ores or higher cost of upgrades

It's great game.

answered by

Thanks for reporting. The Bomb-When-Dead-Bug is an old one, which I always forgot to fix .. :-)

The death penalty is a nice idea, but when you die, you loose your complete inventory already - most of the time this is a big penalty (there are also complaints about it). 20% of money on the other hand would be a nice idea - but will be frustrating in the beginning of the game I fear.
2012-08-01 19:56
i want have fun

answered by

me too :-)
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