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2013-01-04 13:00
Robo Miner On Steam?
Hi Folks and fellow players!

New year and new opportunities. Because in the last year I got more and more questions about Robo Miner on PC I decided to give it a try and submit the Game to Steam Greenlight.

If you do not know Steam Greenlight: It is the place to go, when you want your game published on steam. So, IF you want to see Robo Miner on Steam, go ahead and vote for it, so it can get published

As far as I know, Robo Miner will run on PC/Mac/Linux because it uses Java as backend.

Unfortunately - but that was never in question - Robo Miner will not be free on Steam and as far as I know, I do not have full control about the price it gets on steam. But happily, it will not be expensive, I am pretty sure about it because it is still a casual game :-)

This is my first time I do interact with steam in that way so I cannot really tell anything special about the process in conjunction with steam and publishing - but first of all, Robo Miner needs enough votes and attention to get a chance on steam.

So if you like Robo Miner - vote for it :-)

If you want to see Robo Miner on your PC/Mac/Linux - vote for it and tell it to your friends!

I am very curious about what will happen, so help us to make it real
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