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2013-01-17 15:28
Update v1.4.12
A new update was just released to your flavour :-)

1.4.11 was just a bugfix update, so it was not further mentioned here, but 1.4.12 does contain some minor changes:

First of all, there was some kind of game crash which appeared randomly. The game starts to react slow and finally crashes.
Problem here was, that during a touch android wants the game to react very fast, which was a problem on some devices when other tasks (in the background) does anything. So Android was shutting down the game, because it thinks it has hanged.
That was not the case, but I managed (hopefully) to rewrite some parts of the game to satisfy android in terms of reaction time :-)
Please, let me know, if you still experience crashes and what you did bevor that that happens, so I may be able to fix it.

There were also some player suggestions put into this small update, which I will list here:

Ladder warning

The robo does now warn you, if you are running low on ladders - being precise, if you hit the 20% mark of available ladders, the robo will warn you

No longer max refill in question mark fields

Another suggestion from a user was that the question mark fields should not refill to max to make the upgrades more worth of buying. I liked the idea, so from now on, if you find energy/ladders/pillars in question mark fields you get only a random percentage of your maximum capability to refill but at least 20%.

I hope, everything is working fine, the update is released already at google play, other stores will follow.

..and also do not forget, that there will be the PC version of Robo Miner soon! It will not be free, however, but it will be very cheap and will bring you Robo Miner on your PC. There will be a paypal only option for it, because as it currently looks, it will not come to steam - sorry :-)

Please leave a comment, post in the forum or send me a message if you have any problems with the update.

update: there was a bug with refilling - but it was fixed immediatly with v1.4.13 ;-)
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9 RESPONSES TO "Update v1.4.12":
2014-02-25 18:57
Any new updates to the game?

Ever considered adding a voice to the robot when he says Stop touching me ?

answered by

The latest updates featured only bugfixes so far.

I actually did consider adding voice over .. maybe I'll try this out and see how many ppl do like it :-)
2014-01-04 14:26
I have solved my problem!!! It turned out my phone was out of date! So I have reset my phone and downloaded it again. However, this time I've got it on my new Kindle. Problem solved. :)

answered by

I am glad, that your problem was solved :-)
2013-08-02 13:16
You know... I've been trying to get updates for Robo Miner and it simply says a problem with the server. It isn't just Robo Miner, its also other games too. It says: Problem while retrieveing information from the server. My laptop and other internet devices work fine. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S II pls help!!

answered by

i am sorry, but updating the app is the job of the Google Play store. I cannot do anything about it in the game.
2013-07-31 20:46
I know this thread is from a long time ago now but I have some input if you want it. I think the "instant" option on ladders makes the game too easy. I like the auto-climb, it's just the "instant" that I don't like. I can rig a 600 meter ladder pretty easily and never have to buy an upgrade again, because I get instant refills, no matter how deep the mine.
2013-05-27 14:47
I really would like som sort of rocke so I can blast to the left or right of the Robot.

answered by

Actually, that's a nice idea. Let's see if I have some time to make this.
2013-05-22 06:51
Could you add some sort of telleporter that would send you to the surface and could only be placed once per level.It could be bought like a dimond scaner or tnt and rarely in ? blocks.
2013-02-28 08:52
Deathbombing is still possible :D

Any news about new difficulty modes?

New TNT? Sounds good :)
2013-01-31 04:27
I play for a bit then take a break then come back to robo-miner. just noticed the new things and love them. my 9 yr old son plays also and joked. about being able to place marker laddrs and tipping over stone blocks. definatly a fun game keep it going please
2013-01-18 07:11
Ok so i have found if are full of ladders ect when you
hit a? It will take form me if i am full??
I Have had this game sence it came out it has gone with me though 4 droids i am on level 89 my ladder
Level is 150 so i do buy them if posible new tnt some bigger new random gifts thanks for the years of fun

answered by

HI Cliff, there was a bug with refilling, it was fixed immediatly with v1.4.13. So you get a prozentual ADD of ladders/pillars/energy.

New TNT types are planned for future update and maybe some new findings ;-)
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