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2012-06-01 00:51
Update v.1.4.7
The next udate is out!

After some days of getting some feedback on the new blocks a new update brings you the ability to play the game the classic way too ;-)

So everytime, when you start a new game or restart(!) a new mine (click restart in game menu) you can choose the difficulty of the new mine!

Easy: Play it the classic way - only mud and rock

Medium: Get also Granite Blocks

Hard: Get Granite and Lava Blocks

You get also some bonuses in the harder modes, so you will find more dynamite and more money in the question mark fields.

Beside that the "Invisible Stone Bug" - yes, there was still one there - is finally fixed :-)

There was also some work involved to minimize the memory footprint of the game, so if you have already reached the memory limit of your phone, you may now play some levels more. With the current engine that is max-ed out.

Let me know what you think of the new update - and as always: Report any errors, so I can fix them!

Have Fun!

Warning: This Update contains a little bug when reading savegames - all ores will disapear - please do not save your game if that happens and go for Update 1.4.8
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3 RESPONSES TO "Update v.1.4.7":
2012-06-01 17:11
oh crap i lost everything :(

answered by

on some phones, android deletes the savegames when updating - it's a google bug - unfortunately, I cannot do anything about it - sorry
2012-06-01 16:49
Nice update :-) yeah, all my ore suddenly disappeared, but when i moved onto the next mine, they were back :-)

I think that a multiplayer update would be great, as i really want to play in the same mine as my brother. If you can do that it'd be great :-)

Loving the work that you're doing on this game :-)

answered by

Thx for the nice word - I don't know when there is time to make a multiplayer version, but many people have wished one - so who knows ;-)
2012-06-01 15:01
Lars Becker
Seems to have a severe error! Once i save a game and reload it, all ores are gone...

answered by

omg! thanks for telling - will check it and fix it right now
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