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2012-06-01 15:09
Bugfix Update v1.4.8
There was a very annoying bug in the last update - caused by the changes in memory consumption - so if you saved your game with the new version and loaded it again all ores were gone.

DO NOT SAVE AGAIN and your savegame will stay intact. Get the new Version 1.4.8 and load the savegame again and everything should be fine ;-)

Sorry for that.. :-)
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3 RESPONSES TO "Bugfix Update v1.4.8":
2012-06-11 03:23
1. The bug happens when anything falls on magma, be it rock, granite or a pillar.
2. It was just a presumption. Netherless, i'd like to see it possible to place ladder when you can't dig upwards.
3. Also, it be nice to be able to see map during automatic descend/ascend (currently trying to tap map triggers Instant descend/ascend).
4. Text box in tutorial on my HTC Desire S is slightly off screen on the left side (cuts off a single character, so it's still readable).
BTW, is this a right place for bug reports/suggestions?

answered by

You can report bugs whereever you like, I will read them and try to fix them. Need a bit of time for the next version, be patient ;-)
2012-06-11 02:32
It seems like there is a bug in the game - the stone that falls on magma sometimes (if not always) explodes as well, resulting in a 3x4 explosion for a single magma block.
Also, judging by the video, players could manually place ladders, wish this feature would return, sometimes there are cases when you wish to place one beforehand.

answered by

I have to check this bug, currently have no idea why that could happen.
I cannot remember, that it was possible to place ladders manually - the button in the first versions was solely for showing the amount of ladders it was not clickable.
The counts for ladders/pillars moved to top of screen because of to less space on small phones :-)
2012-06-01 17:22
Lars Becker
Just wanted to confirm, that the problem is solved for me! Working fine again! Thanks for the lightning fast update!

answered by

..wished it was even faster ;-)
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