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2012-05-31 03:02
Preview on the next update
So the last update brought some big changes - and most of the player liked them! But there are also players who do not like the new update - but don't worry, we come up with a solution for this! [...]

2012-05-25 13:24
Robo Miner Touch Controls
Sometimes I read the one or other comment about players are confused about the controls in Robo Miner, so here is a comprehensive guide about the controls in Robo Miner! General: To move your ro [...]

2012-05-23 14:50
Troubleshooting when Game fails to start
Hi Folks! From time to time I find a new comment at google play with a bad review because the game wont start after an update. With this post I want to give you some insight in why (I think) tha [...]

2012-05-22 15:00
Bugfixes and Facebook Fan Group
Yeah, there were some small bugs in the last release so I've decided to push out a bugfix version for those issues. There was a problem with moving backgrounds , not exploding dynamites (when falli [...]

2012-05-21 12:58
Update v.1.4.6 - New Blocks!
Finally, I just released the update some of you long waited for - the new blocks approaches Robo Miner! First off all, this is kind of major update with major changes in code - so please, if you ha [...]

2012-05-01 01:34
Preview on Next Version! New Blocks!
As I announced in my last post, I am currently working on new blocks for Robo Miner. These new blocks will be Granite (very strong) and lava (very explosive). In this video you can see, how an e [...]

2012-04-29 00:03
Developer Greetings
Hi Volks! I think, I should give some life sights because there was no recent update. That is because Robo Miner visited me over here and we had a nice time! We've taken some pics. Robo Miner lo [...]

2012-04-13 23:16
Update v.1.4.5
After the new features in the last update this update is also a little bit of refinement of these recent updates. First of all, players told me, that they don't like the diamond scanner, because it [...]

2012-04-02 17:03
Update v1.4.4
There it is - a new update was just released! There are some changes here, let's start at the top: Parachutes Yes, you can now upgrade your robot with parachutes!! The upgrade is available at [...]

2012-03-17 11:45
Update v.1.4.3
Weekly Update for Robo Miner! This time, we added german language support. Currently, most of the players are from germany, so it was needed, that also the game reflects that by featuring a german [...]

2012-03-08 21:59
Update v1.4.2
This update is released before the weekend because there are some changes in it, which I found worth to deploy fast. One reason for that is because the bigger fontsize made in the last update has m [...]

2012-03-08 13:55
Where to download Robo Miner
I am not quite sure, why people are searching for that, maybe there are people coming to Robo Miner over different platforms where there is no direct download link. So to get Robo Miner on your mob [...]

2012-03-08 13:50
How deep is Robo Miner?
There are people asking how deep is Robo Miner or what is the maximum depth of mines or what is the maximum level? To be honest - the only existing limit is the capability of your phone. Every mine [...]

2012-03-02 18:50
Update v1.4.1
wow - another week has nearly passed and so it is time for another update! Please - as usual - if you experience any bugs or errors, send me an email and I will fix it asap! In this update we im [...]

2012-03-01 20:40
over 100.000 downloads after 1 month!
It happened yesterday, that Robo Miner has counted over 100.000 downloads so far. As usual: The numbers are not very exact because I don't know the exact numbers over all stores where you can get R [...]

2012-02-28 19:49
Another User Video
I've just sighted another video on youtube! User XfailstreetX has uploaded this small video: For me it was very interesting, that people may try to slide on the screen to make the robot run t [...]

2012-02-28 19:42
Robo Miner @google moderator
Robo Miner is available for voting since nearly 3 weeks now. You can propose your app there and people can vote for it. So I gave it a try, and sended a link to some friends, to get some inital vot [...]

2012-02-26 17:49
Comment Statement @Joshua
Thanks for leaving your comment! "Needs a way to disable newly added sounds" There will come a settings screen in the future where you can turn sounds off - until then please use your volume con [...]

2012-02-26 16:02
Update v1.4
Lastly Robo Miner now features some cool sound effects too. There is still no music in the game, because fo that we have to add a settings screen where your can turn it on/off so be patient :-) [...]

2012-02-26 02:22
First User Video sighted!
Today I sighted the first user video on Youtube! User shoobles (Pure Gameplay Videos) has uploaded a 20 min ingame video of Robo Miner. Makes me happy :-) Here is the video: [...]

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