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Dynamite bug in recent update

2012-05-21 19:59
When you put dynamite on the floor and then a stone falls on it the dynamite do not explode and it is stuck in the place. its not vibrating neither.

And the second thing is that it's pity that the stones crush down immediately after letting the stones under them explode.

2012-05-21 20:18
the same is happening when you have a grey stone and before it falls down you put a beam on it and then dynamite it falls down at the same time and the dynamite does not explode

and there is still a bug with "invisible stones" you see something crashing down, you just see the shape and it looks like a stone is crushing down but there is nothing. the earth is quaking and you hear a stone also. this happens sometimes while using dynamite.

2012-05-21 20:33
and another annoying thing is that when you're in your inventory the stones does not move but when you're on the map the stone can splash you, sometimes very annoying.. would be nice either you can move when you're zoomed out or that nothing is moving then!

2012-05-21 20:40
aah and is it normal that you can use dynamite when you're dead already?

2012-05-21 20:58
Hi Minek thanks for posting your experiences!

I'll have to investigate that dynamite thing - you may be right, that the dynamite should not stop "ticking" - or maybe it is an even better idea to explode it immediatly when hit ..

Also - when I got you right - you put a dynamite on a stone before it falls down?

I think it's generally a bug in the game because dynamites are not supposed to move, that could be the problem. That could explain the invisible rock also (kind of how things are managed internally).

time stops when you open the inventory - that is because if you hit the inventory accidentally instead of the pillar you will die so I pause the action when you open the inventory.
During the map the time runs because this way you can get an overview of what is happening - moving is not possible in the map - that would be to easy and gameplay is restricted to the fixed view (equal on every device)

I will release an update as soon as I resolve the dynamite bugs - promise!

And thanks for reporting

2012-05-21 21:07
and another bug with the new stones, the hard stone (i do not like them, but havent played much for now) they do not kill you! they fall on you but you're still alive.

2012-05-21 21:11
oh sorry havent refreshed the page, thanks for your fast answer!

i got it why the dynamite stopped, it was because of the beam! it's like with the rocks, when a beam falls on dynamite it stopps ticking, too!

2012-05-21 21:15
hmm thought about the invisible stone problem. you cant be killed by it so it's no real stone. also you can move the place the "stone" should lie after falling down. and it was also before the update! so it's not in relation with the stopping dynamite i think.

2012-05-21 21:17
the hard stones are supposed to make the levels harder - they are not nice (i know) but it adds more complexity to the deep mines.

The balance still can vary - depends on feedback of players.

I have a clear idea why this dynamite bugs happen, so I should be able to get a bugfix very soon.

2012-05-21 21:18
Can you try to give me a step by step guide for that invisble stone? never happened to me

2012-05-21 21:27
hmmmm dont really know how or why it happens maybe i can make a video some time.
think it just happens when im using 3x3 dynamite.
but now i cant tell it more precisely, next time it happens i'll look closely.

and should i be able to use dynamite when im dead?

yey found edit button...
and when dynamite ist next to dynamite the first exploding dynamite now just "destroys" the second and nothing happens. it should add it strengh to the first and not just disapear.

btw. i like the lava stones and another question, is antimatter the last resource that comes?

2012-05-22 00:49
To use dynamite when dead - yes, I left that in the game - currently I don't found a reason to change that because it gives a little goody in case someone died unexpected :-)

antimatter is currently the last ressource - it is possible that the ressources will be extended further in the future.

In concern of the "invisible stones" - maybe what you see is just an illusion because of type of rendering. For performance reasons it is currently possible that you "see the background falling" down when there is movement in the stones above.
I did not fix that yet because of performance reasons, maybe I come up with a change in this in some of the next updates. I didn't want to risk a performance drop in this first release of the new blocks.
I will also improve the look of the lava fields in the future and that would fix the "moving background" issue too :-)

2012-05-22 14:55
I've just released update 1.4.6b - it will fix the moving background, the ghost-granite-blocks and the ghost-dynamites ;-)

Unfortunately - dynamites currently do not fall down - I'll have to move that feature in a later update because it needs a little bit more work to do it.

So, Dynamite will now explode immediatly when crashed - that also is true, when it is supposed to sit between two "pillared" stones - think of it like the dynamite is fixed at the wall - not lying on the ground.

I also queued the chaining dynamites in the next version because I am thinking of some new items which will make good use of that ;-)

2012-05-28 13:05
Oh sounds really nice!

I figured out what's the matter with the "invisible" stone! If you destroy a stone which lies under an other stone, the "stone fall" is initialized. if you then destroy the stone which should fall (for example 1 is falling down and there is no one above) the stone falling routine is still there and not shut off. so there is no stone but the falling ist active. that then looks like there is an invisible stone!
testet it often! I can send you a screenshot if you do not understand!
Have a nice holiday today

2012-05-28 13:25
I think I understand what you did and will try that out soon - does the screen stay shaking in that case?

Need to train a little bit to be able to destroy a "almost falling" stone in the correct time xD

2012-05-28 14:58
haha xD :D thats no problem :D okay it's a problem if you're using dynamite now, before the update it was easier. but now with the gray stones it's much easier than before! you just need a gray stone which is above a brown stone. then you put a small dynamite so that just the gray stone is hit and then you could destroy it with the borer. now you bore then brown stone, and the gray stone falls down and it's shaking. if you now go one up and destroy the gray stone, you have the wanted situation ;)

aaa and don't you think the dynamite is a bit expensive? before the update i never bought it because it was then too expensive, instead i ran around and searched it but it's even harder to get money because you die often by the uncontrolled lava explosion and there are more stones you can't bore so it's harder to get money and the dynamite costs the same!

2012-05-31 13:36
hm .. my post yesterday is gone? :-)

I got another report of your issue and with your description I should be able to reproduce the bug (hopefully)

There are some new features planned for the next version, where the higher difficulty will be unsharped, stay tuned for it ;-)

(already published a post about it in the blog)

2012-05-31 15:38
just to inform you: I've found the bug and solved it - will be available with the next version ;-)

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