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Some suggestions

2012-09-04 13:49
A few suggestions.

It would be nice if my robot would warn me I'm running out of ladders before it actually happens. Now I constantly get stuck since I often forget to check my ladders and don't want to dig ever deeper in a hope of finding more ladders at a question mark.
The robot could say "I'm running low on ladders" when there are 20% of ladders left, for example.

There could be a falling stone warning device to buy. It could be like a blinking red light at the tip of the robots antenna when there is a stone directly above about to fall.

A few levels of battery bought makes it irrelevant how much there is energy left since there is endless amounts of it to be found at question marks. But if there could be found only a limited amount of energy at question mark at a time, say, like a random percent or random amount of tens of percents instead of a full charge, buying high levels of battery would make sense again.

And maybe this same could be applied to ladders as well: only a random amount instead of full ladders.

2012-09-09 19:27
Hi Injou and thanks for your post

There were some very good suggestions, which I found would be worth to be added to the game.

The Robo does currently only tell you, when you you are nearly completely out of ladders, which truely may be too late.

Also the finding smaller amounts of ladders/energy would be a benefit for the gameplay - there were a similar approach done for dynamites (you get more as deeper as you are)

The blinking stone warner could be different, I am not sure if it is recognizable enoug, but I will give it a try ;-)

2012-09-10 12:46
I just got a new toy, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 :)
I just thought that it would be nice to see a larger area (ie. more blocks) when playing on a device with a large screen. Don't know how tedious task it would be to program though. Just a tought.

Another tought came to mind. Now you can see a depth you are currently mining at, but it would be nice to buy a device that would show your coordinates horizontally. How far from the edges you are currently digging. Don't know if it would have any real use but I like toys, even on games :)

2012-09-21 00:15
I got another request about showing the coordinates - which is a nice idea and I have to see, if I can get some free space to show it - maybe on the map view.

You will see nearly the same area on every device out there - so you will not have any real benefit of using a bigger screen over smaller screens - except that it is easier to get the robot in the right direction. Also you will get less scaling artefacts on bigger displays (higher resolution)

2013-01-17 15:31
In the current update (1.4.12) there is now the ladder warning implemented and also the percentual fill at question marks made it into the game

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