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A Request. Extremely important!

2012-09-04 14:03
I have played so much Robominer that there are permanent "burns" on my phones amoled screen!
Well, actually that is because the LEDs on the amoled screen loose they brightness over time and some parts of Robominers screen are white all the time. Those are the areas that have permanently dimmed LEDs on my phones screen.

So please, please make those permanently white portions to change colour or at least change the colour to a darker shade! I don't want to ruin my next phones display but I still want to play Robominer!

2012-09-09 19:32
Hm - thanks for your post and your warning about that issue, I wasn't aware of that.

The problem is, that UI is supposed to stay on the same place on the screen and the white color is meant to give some contrast to the black font. You wouldn't see the numbers if your sensors are not updated enough for example, if there would be no white part.

In the beginning, the white parts were transparent a little bit, but in the end on smaller screens that just looked junky - that's because it is a solid color now.

I will try to find a solution .. I fear the best approach would be to make black bars and white font, but that is technically not an easy approach.

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