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Amazon Kindle?

2012-02-05 17:58
Will there be a version for Amazon Kindle Fire too?

2012-02-05 18:00
Yes - but if I am honest, I do not know when - because Amazons Approval Notice stated, that they will review it special for Kindle and I do not know if they tell me anything more about that.

Also, I'll wait for some "gold" state of the current version, because approval time on amazon is relativly long and I cannot submit any more updates as long, as ones approval state is pending - so be patient, I will upload the newest version as soon, as I know that there are no big problems with that.

2012-02-14 13:13
Amazon Appstore now contains Robo Miner too!

Unfortunately (because of approval) there is not always the latest version available, so be patient, I will update there as soon as possible ;-)

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