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Is Robo an orphan?

2012-12-20 17:36
I've noticed there have been no updates or meaninful posts since version 1.40. Has development on Robo Miner ended? I'm among the half-million or more who have downloaded it, and I love playing, but see the need for more content in order to realize its full potential.

There are a lot of great suggestions in the forum such as coordinates, grenades, and the best: platforms. Platforms would transform how Robo is played! I had also thought of nuclear lava which could be green, explode the same radius as a large dynamite, and go off if you fell onto it from more than one square up.

I'm worried that you've moved on and left poor Robo orphaned, and none of these things will ever come to pass. Is that the case or can we hope for more?

2013-01-04 13:36
No development has not ended - there was just a lot of different work to do :-)

The green Lava is actually a pretty nice idea .. I like nuclear lava

So, as I just posted in the blog, Robo Miner is currently submitted to Steam Greenlight and therefore will maybe come to PC also.

There will be features added this year and also an ad-free version will come to android

So there were just other things to do the later last year, so there was no time to do decent developing on Robo Miner - new year, new opportunities ;-)

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