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BUG: Sound always turned on

2013-05-11 23:33
I love playing Robo Miner, but there's a problem with it on my phone: when I go out of the app and later come back, it forgets that I've turned off the sound. I usually play on the public transport, so I really don't want any sound, and it really bugs me when I have to go through the settings menu again and again to turn it off.

My phone is a HTC Desire Z ("Vision" in the US), Android 2.3.3. Feel free to enquire for any more information that I could provide.


2013-05-11 23:40
I should also add, I'm playing the latest version as of this moment, which is "1.4.13"

2013-07-27 07:55
Got same issue on my HTC Explorer.

2013-07-27 22:51
Interesting. Do you exit the app completely or do you just press the home button? (That way the apps may get not properly closed to save its settings)..

But actually Saving Settings should happen immediatly over android features.. hm. I will have a look at it as soon as I got some time :-)

Thanks for reporting!

2013-12-12 14:38
Sorry for the late reply, there's no reply notification in this forum, so I didn't know you replied.

I get out of the app by pressing the device's Home button, while at the top of the mine (right after saving the mine). I believe the OS kills the app, because the next time I start it, the "loading" screen (robo marching across the surface) is displayed.

When playing on a sibling device (HTC Desire Z, Android 2.3.3, custom ROM - CyanoGenMod), the device doesn't kill the app when I exit it via the home button (supposedly because there's enough free RAM, unlike with the stock HTC firmware), so when I go back to the game, there's no loading screen, but instead a "game paused, resume?" screen, and the sound setting persists. However, if I force-close the app, the sound setting is lost again.

2013-12-14 22:19
Yes this forum is not very sophisticated it, there was no big use for it so i stopped enhancing it. whatever.

The home button is a bit confusing. Actually the game is not closed with the home button, it goes to the background and should idle there. But android can decide to just shut it down anywhere in time. Being paused when hitting the home button (or getting a call for example) is the expected behaviour.

I cannot tell exactly what is happening with the sound settings. Generally they are saved right at the time you change them and they are loaded when starting the game. What you tell looks like, that they are never saved at all.

I will try to look further into this issue but to be honest there is only low chance to find the error without having the exact device here. Look forward for a future update when the underlying library gets updated - that may fix the issue

2014-01-04 19:42
I could at least provide some form of "remote debugging" for you, should you want to. I have the phone rooted so I could inspect the filesystem, see if the settings got saved there (if you tell me where to look :) or perhaps there's something in the logcat that could be of some use? I have written a few android apps so you can get technical with me.

Feel free to contact me via email if I can be of any assistance. The email address, in case your forum doesn't show it to you, is

2014-03-29 02:25
Don't get me tied to the right words at the moment but the settings are saved as app-properties. I am sure they are called something more specific

and again sorry for the late reply I am currently very busy with some other projects - I apologize very much.

I remember, I did update the underlying library this year, maybe that helped with the problem already?

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