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2011-09-05 12:47
Let's Start Over
Hi Folks!

This is Peter from and after just finishing the first version of the new version of our website it is time to start with our first developer blog entry!

This time for our next coming game - currently calles "Rocks in Space" - i've searched a little bit and it seems, that this title is not already used by someone big who wnts to sue me for that - whatever - it can happen, that this name will change, if someone has a problem with it (i have no nerves for such clowns) :-)

So let me first tell you something about this new game we are making. It will be Realtime Strategy (4X) Type Game - acting in Space - you see, it is a really brand new idea! :-)

It is all about settling on asteroids in a far far away sector where are no planets available and humankind is in urgent need of resources cause something really bad happened on good old earth - we all know that will happen at some point in the future, so we have not thought about it further yet.

Mankind has splitted up in small fractions each of them trying to get upper hand and building a new Imperium.

You will be able to build Spaceships, engage other factions and get the ownership of a sector.

Sectors are a pretty neat festure in Rocks in Space because there is an unlimited amount of them. After winning a sector for your faction u can proceed to the next neighbouring sector.

We really want an unlimited space - because that is, what space is supposed to be: unlimited!

To keep this first post in a resaonable size i will be posting more about our ideas, so you can comment on them, give us feedback and so on.

Until the next post!

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