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2011-09-05 13:09
Fleets in Rocks in Space
Hi Folks!

Let me tell you something about Fleet Building.

The First idea in this sort of game i have was, that i wanted to have a really, really big amount of ships which have a gient space battle ..

But there are other games, that are good with that, and what i was taking from them is - as more ships there are as more it looks like a swarm of small dots with no detail at all.

So I get another approach - makeing it a real space battle where u can see and feel every single ship!

Our Engine is currently capable of handling many hundreds of ships, so there will also be the option to just wipe an enemy by the size of your fleet.

A little bit special is the type of the battle - you will not be able to give detailled commands to a single ship - instead u can organize them in up to 1 fleets (per sector) and give simple commands - that's the realistic way, where the president just say "Wipe them down" and the generals do it.

The AI is steering their ships exactly as the player would do, we do not tweak any movement, the AI will chase, evade or shoot based on many parameters which we gatered by playing some Space-Shooters ourself. I like this idea but we will have a hard time to balance the different Ships.

At the Moment the Battles look really realistic, there is a small amount of randomness - some ships aim better, some not. The Aiming-Capabilities will be part of a small ranking syste, where each Pilot will gather experience and so on - but that's more the internals of the AI and the player will currently not be able to assign pilots to ships and so on - there will be some sort of logic for sure, but not in the players hands.
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