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2011-09-05 13:23
Hi Folks!

I am sure you are curious about the type of ships you can build in Rocks in Space.

At the current stage of development you can only build one type of ship - sadly.

It's the Combat Fighter (we are still searching for a really cool name like "Nomström" or something .. have to be really cool ..)

The Combat Fighter will have 2 Weapon Slots which can be Equiped with either a Space-Space or Space-Asteroid Weapon.

As you surely guess, a ship can be Anti-Spacecraft, Anti-Building or both of them - you have to decide.

A Big Fleet of Anti-Spacecraft Ships can easily wipe out an Anti-Asteroid Fleet but will be very weak (to useless) on engaging enemy asteroids. There are also Anti-Spacecraft Turrets available which are a mighty weapon to defense your Colonies.

Our idea is to have a huge amount of available Weapons and Goodies each one with different pros and cons. Like other games nowadays you have to decide in which technology you want upgrade. You also need the right resources to support your fleet.

Because the neighboring enemies (in the neighbouring sectors) always will have one technology you don't have yet (which you will get after beating them) it can get quite hard to beat them if they follow a completely different approach.

For Example if the enemy is good in Rocketry (Tactical Missiles from Asteroid to Asteroid) you need a fast acting Fleet or good Rocket Defense to conquer them.
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