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2011-09-06 16:14
Enhancing Some Graphics
This day I decided to tweak a little bit the Graphics. Lines are nice but not really what I wanted it to look like.

Maybe there will stay a Fallback in Case someone get troubles with the power of their graphics card so they can switch off these extra effects to gather a smoother gameplay.

I have to admit that playing around with such things really makes me happy, because there is a directly improvement in the overall look-alike. Sadly .. i have to say .. the rest of the graphics now look a little .. you know .. :-) But maybe i get to buy some cool textures for the Asteroids andy maybe later will be able to hire some real artists for better models too.

There is really much room to make even more improvements and I really would like to try it out, but to be honest, at the moment it's nice to see and I dont know how the overall graphics will perform after every piece of game logic is implemented .. there will be a big bunch of laser beams and other different weapentypes also all the explosions in space and on the asteroid .. I am looking forward to tweak them but hopefully it is not the hardware which tell me the last word ;-)

..and i really have to put up some videos soon .. :-)
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