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2011-09-16 14:12
I nearly was about to forget completly the satellites!

We all know the black areas in a strategy game - they call it "Fog of War" - we will call it simply "Unknown Space" (because actually that's what it is ..)

In Rocks in Space you will not be able to see everything what is around you. Asteroids will have the ability to build sensors so they can watch the space around them.

If you want to stay informed about a specific sector inside your current playfield you need to build a satellite and position it there.

A satellite is not really controlable. You can build one and you can launch it to a specific position - beside that it is not movable any more.

Satellites will be your Eye In The Space and can give you an early warning if an enemy fleet is engaging.

It is not pretty sure if the enemy will be able to destroy such a satellite or if it is just to small to be found.

It is even unclear if the enemy will be able to see the satellites at all - if they see them, they should be able to destroy them - maybe they get visible when the enemy scans the near space with a scout ship or an foreign satellite..

Maybe you have some ideas or concerns about it, just post it, write a comment, we love to hear it!
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