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In Exipelago it's your turn to make your tribe into a bustling kingdom. Beside gathering food & shelter to support the colony they also want to make themself a known entity by building the greatest structures.

Exipelago is a sandbox village managment game, where everything you see is procedurally generated and customisable. Every tree you fell will give it's distinct type of wood, which can be processed into it's distinct type of plank to ultimately craft an item which has the optical style of the tree it was originally made out of. The same is true for every other ressource, like different types of rock and ore - both being found by digging down into the earth.

Featuring a true voxel experience - everything you see can be broken down, placed elsewhere or get transformed into something else in a dynamically reacting world. Different types of shapes also give you more freedom to just build your imagination and let your tribe use it.

Key Features: Procedurally - Every island is different and so is every tree and every plant Dynamic World - Everything can either be digged, chopped, mined, picked up, collected, stockpiled or crafted into something else Open Sandbox - Your tribe, your imagination. Survive or Thrive. Managment - Crafting, Queuing, Transporting, Trading, Stockpiling
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Exipelago - 2022-09-01 15:54
Exipelago coming soon!
I am currently in the process of testing for a first Early Access Version which will definitely come in 2022. For any Questions or more information [...]

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