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2013-11-17 13:57
X. Rebirth
As an old-school Wing Commander Fan - and I also liked the X-Games - I was optimistic about the new X: Rebirth. Some days ago time was there and I was able to download and install. There were some [...]

2013-10-31 21:56
Castle Story
First of all this post reflects my personal opinion about the game in the current state - which is 0.1.something i believe. I generally like uilding games - I like them so much, I always get this l [...]

2013-10-22 23:44
Godus (Beta)
This review is actually about the Alpha/Beta Game. I would consider it a bit more Alpha than Beta, but actually it is not that important how you name it. Godus is an interesting new (or old) idea - [...]

2013-10-22 23:34
Sim City 5
Not much to say about Sim City 5 - the latest Sim City. It is crap. Crap in the meaning of being named Sim CIty. If they would have named it Sim Village - well - than this would be fine enough, but [...]

2013-10-22 23:30
Star Wars - The Old Republic
First of all - I am a huuuge Star Wars Fan - and back the days, when Star Wars MMORPG was announced I was not playing MMORPGs for many years. It is just too time consuming. But some day SWToR becam [...]

2013-10-22 22:51
Left 4 Dead 2
Actually I didn't know what Left 4 Dead 2 was in general. Looked like some zombie game, but it was in a good deal, so I get it. In the end, I had a looot of fun with it - it is pretty cool :-) It's [...]

2013-10-22 22:45
Star Conflict
Yeah, there was the old times, when I was yound and was just blown away by games like Wing Commander. Especially WC 3 and WC 4 the interactive Movie ones. I simply loved them. And that all with tho [...]

2013-10-22 22:35
Stronghold Crusader HD
Currently new in Steam - Stronghold Crusader HD. Unlike other "HD" Versions - like Ages of Empire 2 HD - Stronghold Crusader HD feels more like the original being really overworked for HD. That [...]

2013-10-22 21:54
I didn't buy this in the first place. It just looked not so good. It was 3D .. which is just not right for this genre of game .. One of the FEW games which had worked in 3D while they would be actu [...]

2013-10-22 21:39
Kerbal Space Programm
Ah yes. Kerbal Space Program :-) What a game .. Actually I would not say it is a game for everyone. It is in a funny world and looks pretty neat - with all that clumsy little Kerbals in it. But in [...]

2013-10-22 21:35
The Inner World
Another Adventure which popped up to me the other day in steam and even when it looked a bit .. childish .. I gave it a try. Some years ago I played that Robot Adventure .. I lost the name in the m [...]

2013-10-22 21:32
Good Bye Deponia
To be honest, if you like Adventure Games and you already know Deponia Games .. it is useless to tell you something about the game. The game is amazingly good - that said, if you like the humor of [...]

2013-10-22 21:29
Spacebase DF9
I never heard about that and it is still early access - but I have to admit I am a fan of good 2D games - that is because in 2D, developers do care more for the game and less for the graphics. I can l [...]

2013-10-22 21:22
Skyscraper Simulator
Ok well - today there was a "new" release in steam .. actually it is not new but it is an older game .. even dinosaurs like "The 7th Guest" appeared there .. and they do not mention that this game is [...]

2013-10-22 21:09
What is this about
Well. Because I often use some of my spare time to look around of freshly released games (or revived ones) for a good price or a good concept. Because of the current Buzz about Early Access, Refurb [...]

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