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2013-10-22 21:54
I didn't buy this in the first place. It just looked not so good. It was 3D .. which is just not right for this genre of game ..

One of the FEW games which had worked in 3D while they would be actually a 2D Game was Dungeon Keeper .. ok, Tropico 4 is working well also.

Whatever. Startopia. Download, Install. Look at 640x480 resolution not being able to see my mouse cursor. Being forced to create a profile first with invisible mouse cursor .. hell.

NOt so good for the first impression, but lets fiddle around. Fortunately there is a hover effect on the button if you hover them .. obviously :-)

Changing res first. Done. Mouse Cursor still invisble. No option for hardware cursor .. hell again. Oh. It crashes! hell 3.

Googled around a little bit .. and it seems, that the problem is with my 3-screen-setup. so the cursor is offset by 1 screen, therefore is invisble. bad.

and it still keeps crashing.

Ok, so. I was not able to review this game, because it's just not running .. maybe it is too old for running on win7.

Because you can switch between VSync / Blit .. it seems to have real old technology underneath.

For this time: Do not buy. Which is not totally fair - but that's the rules :-)

MAybe you have more luck with an older Win XP. Let me know if that worked for you.
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