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2013-10-22 22:35
Stronghold Crusader HD
Currently new in Steam - Stronghold Crusader HD.

Unlike other "HD" Versions - like Ages of Empire 2 HD - Stronghold Crusader HD feels more like the original being really overworked for HD.

That means, that the game is not just scaled to fit bigger screens, instead all the sprites making the game objects look very detailled, so they seem to be remaked. Bett than AoE has done this.

By the way Age of Empires 2 HD = no buy!

If you like the original Stronghold Crusader and you always wanted to get a more detailled version of it, to play it on your current PC - feel free to grab it. Just remember - it is still the original Stronghold Crusader - just in HD.

Not sure if the pricetag is worth it but for under 10 bucks, that should be ok.

Indeed I needed some time, because back the days of Stronghold the User Interface was different .. it was .. less :-) I still have not found out how to demolish buildings. Not sure if that is possible anyway - haha. But actually - it's Stringhold, those problems was always there.

Stronghold 3 was a fail btw. not sure if they fixed all the bugs in the meanwhile.

What do you think about Stronghold Crusader 2D? Let me know - leave a comment!
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