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2013-10-22 22:45
Star Conflict
Yeah, there was the old times, when I was yound and was just blown away by games like Wing Commander. Especially WC 3 and WC 4 the interactive Movie ones. I simply loved them.

And that all with those Space Flights. I will not mention Star Citizen here - let's see what grows out of that. OH NO - I mentioned Star Citizen anyway!

Whatever - the other day, I saw Star Conflict. Let's dive in memories, and be a space pilot! Where is my Joystick .. Actually I wanted that big Logitech Joystick Force Feedback Thingy .. unfortunately it wasn't built anymore. So i went with an X52 Pro from Saitek. Nie Thing.

But let's hook it up and go for a Space Fight.

Hm. It DOES look nice. But .. with Joystick it doesn't feel so well. Not sure. Maybe my memories lie on me and back the days with some cheap Joystick and in Wing Commander 3 there where different expectations about flying a space craft.

I am not even confident if Star Conflict feels real. Because what is real. I don't know how to fly with a space fighter in Space. Nobody really knows. But for some reason it does not feel right. Older games like Privateer gave me somehow more .. more whatever .. it just feeled better.

So I put the Joystick away and played with mouse. Yes. it is better .. but it's not the right Space Feeling.

I would like (and that is the same with all Joystickish Games) - there should be a game mode purely dedicated to joystick Players and the game should work well with it, feel good with it.

Hopefully, Star Citizen will raise another hype for Joysticks, but I am not very confident about it. Seems, that Joysticks are a bit of dead, being the toy for simulation purists only and left the hall of arcade games completely. Sadly.

Whatever - is Star Conflict a good game and worth the money? I would say yes. It can generate Fun. For me there are other games I do like more in this genre (like War Thunder for example) but Star Conflicht could be considered a good game.

In the end it is not a crap game, whatever you say, it is well made, and will not fool with you.

If you like Space Dogfighting Games, you should give it a try - it looks very good, and it does transport a good bit of speed - which is hard in a space game normally.
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