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2013-10-22 23:30
Star Wars - The Old Republic
First of all - I am a huuuge Star Wars Fan - and back the days, when Star Wars MMORPG was announced I was not playing MMORPGs for many years. It is just too time consuming.

But some day SWToR became Free2Play - that was nice, because that meant you can play it occassionally without having to pay for a monthly abo. Nice thing - let's try that!

Actually it is still just another MMORPG - true for every MMORPG obviously. But this is themed in Star Wars and also have some distinct stories to tell - which is nice.

So as a game I would recommend SWTor for all of those who like the Star Wars Universe, because it is just Star Wars :-)

But I had a big problem concerning Lag and Server Response Time. I investigated that issue, if it is a problem with my hardware, my internet connection and found out that the ping to the server is actually pretty nice and stable - but for some reason the ingame ping bounces like hell and disconnects frequently. So that means, they have some serious server issues at the very moment. A bit of googling told me, that multiple players got that problem - but not every player.

I would guess, that the developers are just not able to locate the error (which maybe a memory leak or an unexpected long running process due to a bug). Also that problem does exist now for a pretty long time, and I don't think they will fix that in sooner future.

But because of it is free 2 play, just give it a try, I am quite dissapointed that it does not work for me (really a lot of lags make it unplayable) - but it may work for others.

There is pretty much you can buy with real money.. for my taste a bit too much, but it is no fun killer actually. At least not for me, but I have not played very long, until the lags really became a show stopper.

So, Recommendation? If you got no lag problems yes. Otherwise - don't buy (or don't pay in that case)
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