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2013-10-22 23:34
Sim City 5
Not much to say about Sim City 5 - the latest Sim City.

It is crap. Crap in the meaning of being named Sim CIty. If they would have named it Sim Village - well - than this would be fine enough, but it just will not suit the name "Sim City". They spoiled it.

If you compare Sim City 4 and Sim City 5 .. well Sim City 5 has the better graphics but Sim City 4 has the better "everything else". And you can get Sim City 4 for just a few bucks.

Go for Sim City 4 instead. Things you get in Sim City 4 but not in Sim City 5:

Huuuuge Terrain.
Huuuuge Cities.
Ability to shape land.
More accurate "simulated" traffic.
More accurate simulated everything.
More people.
More everything.

Or pay 60 bucks for an always-online-sim-village. your choice :-)
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