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2013-10-22 23:44
Godus (Beta)
This review is actually about the Alpha/Beta Game. I would consider it a bit more Alpha than Beta, but actually it is not that important how you name it.

Godus is an interesting new (or old) idea - it is based of Populous, you may now that from when you were a kid and playid it on your Amiga 500 or C64.

There is actually a Free Populous - but they named it quite difficult, so I do not remember the proper name of it which is a true populous clone - maybe you know it, then pls, write a comment and I will put a link to it.

So - Godus - ahm .. if you would need to describe Godus in 1 Word it would be "clickclickclickclick". Right. Godus plays a bit like those "Facebook-Economic-Simulations" where you have to click a building to collect the money.
In Godus that is what you do. You click your Buildings to collect believe.

And you shape land. But actually the land shaping is so slow, you would grow old before you've flatten your homeworld. It is boring also. I gave up on that.

But there are updates coming and I have to say I enjoy geting progress to play with. This game is still alha/beta so it is not the finished game - that means it is pretty early to criticise parts of it.

But actually all that clicking and facebook-game-feeling don't drive me very confident that they will change it.

Do you know there other game with the cube? Where you digged the cube until it reveals its secret? Let me say, that Godus is actually based on that cube, where you just shape land in extremly slow manner, getting some bonuses - but in the end you are still shaping and digging away land most of the time.

And just because it feels sooo equal to that cube thing (it was named curiosity, I remember) I think they did that by purpose.

Whatever. The Multiplayer fights are pretty amusing. Ahm.. Well they was before the 1.3.2 update because then they changed a whole lot, and removed all the speed and control from the multiplayer games .. in my opinion that was a step back, but well.

Worth it or not? This is not so easy, because it is not finished. At the moment I would say no - if you except a funny game.

If you just want to support them and give them feedback - then yes. It may be a good game in the end. Currently it is too much pointless clickclickclickclick - not my sort of game.

The rest of the game has a bit of a very very reduced Black and White. IF you don't know Black and White give it a shot. It should be pretty cheap now and in my opinion is a good game to play with :-)
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