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2013-10-31 21:56
Castle Story
First of all this post reflects my personal opinion about the game in the current state - which is 0.1.something i believe.

I generally like uilding games - I like them so much, I always get this little sparkle in my eyes when I see typical building game screens.

With Castle Story it is the same. The game is minecraftish - so voxel based. You have some workers which can mine for you and build you a castle which you have to defend.

The idea is neat and the graphics looks pretty good. They also have some technical interesting ideas in there.

But then we come to the bad things. Well. The worst thing of all is that the pathfinding in general seems to have some serious problems. The whole mechanics seem clumsy somehow. Maybe that is because the common player will have some expectations in how to control such a game.

The reason because that is worse, is the simple fact, that someone has to believe strongly, that they will sort that problems out, even when this problems are some of the core game mechanics and they still do not work properly. Hm.

So will I give you a recommendation? Nowdays Indie Development is popular. The bad side of this coin is, that you will merely find game developers which may or may not be capable of delivering good games. Sure, the same is true for every other game studio, as we know from the past - but here you are investing in such a game, and to do so, you should be concerned about that much more.

If you like the gameplay (watch some videos) and you want them to proceed, yeah, support them.

If you want to play with a working alpha/beta .. just wait. The current state is playable somehow, but in my opinion it is frustrating when AI starts to stuck all the time and that may lead you to lose your faith in them.

That said, at the moment I would recommend the game - but that may change, if they cannot sort out the basic problems in core game mechanics they have at the moment.

When this problems are gone - this could be a funny game :-)
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