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2013-02-04 11:56
com2us informs me about copyright infringement
Just a matter of time, but I was waiting for this :-) com2us sent me a letter now to inform me, that they have trademarked the word "Tower Defense" and I am infringing this trademark by naming my g [...]

2012-11-28 12:40
New Name for Tablet Tower Defense
Well, because some Bumble-Bunnies have maybe registered the word "Tower Defense" (which does look like, they want to make some money with sueing people) I would like to find a new name for this game " [...]

2012-08-12 02:49
Update v1.3.4
Next update is rolling out! With update v1.3.4 you will get the ability to pause the game and build - before this was not possible. Now you can just pause the gameplay and build/upgrade your towers [...]

2012-08-07 18:47
Update v1.3.3
Here we go! I have a heart for players of my games so I decided to tweek the ad impressions in the free version a bit - it's much lesser now .. let's see how this will work out :-) Hopefully you gu [...]

2012-08-07 14:22
About the ads
The latest comments were about the ads in the game, which does interrupt the gameplay every 10th wave. Primarily: This does only happen in the free version - it is an ad supported version and if yo [...]

2012-08-01 01:09
Update v1.3.2
After some investigation I found out that the READ_CONTACTS permission is some sort of optional - so the game is now free of that permission :-) Please let me know if you find any problems! In l [...]

2012-07-30 14:06
omg .. the game is out for just some hours and the first bad rating is given because the game needs the READ_CONTACTS Permission. Guys, this Permission is needed by the highscore system (scoreloop) [...]

2012-07-29 23:21
Update v1.3
Here we go, the update was just released! From now on, your highscores are sent to scoreloop where you can compare it with your friends! Before this update the playfield was optimized for the sc [...]

2012-07-29 05:10
Update coming soon
Well, there is a new update in progress. There were some comments about the last update, so the next update will try to do some things better: Ad Handling in the Free Version: That is improved, [...]

2012-03-11 19:26
Update v1.2.9
Well, this Updates finally fixed the error with reseted ranges of the towers after loading the savegame (so, after a call comes in and such things) Also there was a bug where you was able to comple [...]

2012-02-21 19:03
piracy issues
sadly, the adfree version is pirated so heavily all over the net that there will be no update without copy protection any more. That also means to think about releasing adfree versions at all. I [...]

2012-02-18 14:09
finally >1000 dowloads (free version)
Sure, we reached that goal some time before - but today android market shows a total of 1000 downloads. I am pretty sure, that Robo Miner has pushed some exposure over to my other games and Tablet [...]

2012-01-08 23:02
Now for Android 2.2+
Tablet Tower Defense is now available for Android Devices 2.2 and higher. Please remember, that this game was initially designed for big displays so be sure to try the demo first and see if it fits [...]

2011-12-11 22:34
We released the full version of Tablet Tower Defense
After some days people were able to test the demo and we had confirmed that the game runs on other tablets out there we added some small features and released the full game. You can now get it for [...]

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