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2012-07-29 05:10
Update coming soon
Well, there is a new update in progress.

There were some comments about the last update, so the next update will try to do some things better:

Ad Handling in the Free Version: That is improved, there were ads overlapping and such stuff it is now better. Also there were some flaws with accidentally quitting by double tapping the back button - will be solved also

Overall the back button will not work in menu, that has lead to accidental leaving the game too often, so players have to use the quit button to exit the game.

Overall somehow the autosave were broken. Normally the game saves the current state when exiting or hitting the pause key, that was broken and will be fixed.

People were asking for highscores .. now, while I like the idea, the problem is, that the playfield has different sizes depending on the screen size, which makes it currently unable to handle highscores in a fair manner.
The solution will be to find a playfield size which will work for all the major screen sizes - after that is done, highscores will be added.

Also there were some bugs, when phoned gets locked or switch to another app - normally that was handled by the autosave which was broken.

Also, many players wish there were a manual save/load option (at least, that is what I think, they meant, because noone was contacting me directly) - not sure if that will come to the very next update, but I think it's good to have that feature, so it will be added sooner or later ;-)

The Tower Cap is currently no subject to change

Stay tuned for the next update, you will like it ;-)
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