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2012-08-07 14:22
About the ads
The latest comments were about the ads in the game, which does interrupt the gameplay every 10th wave.

Primarily: This does only happen in the free version - it is an ad supported version and if you like the game you can buy the full version (which is completely ad-free).
I may understand that this will spoil the gameplay somehow because it does interrupt not very smoothly - so maybe I will tweek that a little bit. But in the end it is still the free ad-supported version of this game and it is supposed to show ads there and interrupt the gameplay for that reason.
Before the free version, there was a demo version which stopped at some point completely - if you prefer that behaviour, just let me know.

Secondly: This interruption is not useless, beause the game does save it's state during the interruption - in the adfree version this happens more asyncronously to give the best user experience possible

Don't get me wrong, but this games was supposed to be a paid one and the free version is just released as a bonus. In the end someone (me) was and is still investing many time in developing and improving that game - if you do not want to support that work then just do not play the game.
I am pretty sure, you will also not go to work for free (would you?).

So it would be very glad, if you do not rate the game about the ads, rate it about gameplay. If you like the gameplay, buy the full version.

Again, if you prefer a demo version which stops to work at level 15 - just let me know and I will remove the free version and replace it with a demo version. Ad-Free but limited. It's up to you.

edit: Well, just because I have a good day, I will show the ads a bit more less in the next update. Hope you like it then ;-)
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