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2013-02-04 11:56
com2us informs me about copyright infringement
Just a matter of time, but I was waiting for this :-)

com2us sent me a letter now to inform me, that they have trademarked the word "Tower Defense" and I am infringing this trademark by naming my game "Tablet Tower Defense"

Well, that is such stupid, that I will now invest several years to blame them (and every other company) of trademarking descriptive words (they did not invent).

Neither was com2us the first one who named a game "Tower Defense" NOR were they the first ones who made a Tower Defense Style Game.

I will publish that letter later. They have a trademark registration of the "Tower Defense" for US, Korea, Japan and China.

Now .. I am in Europe, so in Europe I could still use that trademark here but would be not allowed to use in the above countries. Maybe I could trademarke the word here in europe and sue them :-)

I am curious if they now sue every Tower Defense Game and even Websites which uses the "Tower Defense" Genre as a descriptive Element.

This is such ridicolous, that I get headache of it. Hope someone will send them a bomb or something.

For me it is a bit of work, because some fool has allowed them to trademark a well-known descriptive phrase.

See it like this - if anyone is searching for "Tower Defense" in google play, there will be only one result, because the word is now trademarked .. how dumb is that?

Someone big should do something against it, sue them to hell and slap them in the face for being stupid.

So this game will be renamed soon, which is a bit of a hassle and a bit of work.

The letter from com2us seems to be a generic one, so they definitely sent many of them to different game developers.

See my next post, to read the letter
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2 RESPONSES TO "com2us informs me about copyright infringement":
2013-08-08 13:08
Ah, thanks, didn't see that.
2013-08-08 13:02
Hi. Please post the letter so this could be used as a source for updating the wikipedia article about them :)

answered by reiti.net:

Already online :-) Look here:

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