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2012-02-18 14:09
finally >1000 dowloads (free version)
Sure, we reached that goal some time before - but today android market shows a total of 1000 downloads.

I am pretty sure, that Robo Miner has pushed some exposure over to my other games and Tablet Tower Defense (and also Minesweeper: Unlimited! got a benefit from that :-)
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2012-11-28 04:33
Gives there a way to get your games outside of android? Ive no Creditcard and would pay with Paypal or Bankaccount.

My Second Question is: Comes Tablet Tower Defense also for mobile Phones?

Thanks for your good work on the games and hope i get an answer of my questions :)

answered by reiti.net:

Hi There

Currently the game is only available for android devices but it is possible that I release a browser version of the game next year or even a desktop version - not sure :-)

Also next year it is possible that there will be a sequel of this game but I cannot guaranty it at the moment.

Thanks for your message

PS: I should mention, that Tablet Tower Defense IS available for phones as well, as long as they have a screen big enough (it is not playable on tiny screens)
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