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2012-03-11 19:26
Update v1.2.9
Well, this Updates finally fixed the error with reseted ranges of the towers after loading the savegame (so, after a call comes in and such things)

Also there was a bug where you was able to completely freeze the creeps :-) It's fixed now.

The Full Version now has android licensing inside - this is the first time I use it, so hopefully everything works well and it will help against piracy - Tablet Tower Defense was heavily pirated sadly. If it will not work, I will dismiss the adfree version from android market.

Let me know if there are any troubles with the game, it should now also render better on smaller devices - I have removed the constrain that every device shall have the same playfield - the playfield is now slightly different - it is as big as it fits on your screen :-)

I have also removed the compatibility for small Screens - it is truly not playable on them, so I removed them from the compatibility list.
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1 RESPONSES TO "Update v1.2.9":
2012-03-12 01:45
License Validation Library is a joke, the only possible way to protect app is to be free with ads and even this can not protect your app from recompiling. Google just ignore a problem.
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