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2013-02-06 21:25
Update v1.4
After getting many feedback because the game was featured as the "Free app of the day" at amazon store a new update was just released. Let me tell you the changes: First of all, there is now an ing [...]

2013-02-05 14:52
funny comment to mention
On amazon there was a funny comment made, which I think is worth to mention: 5/5 great excuse to get close with a girl. Taught her how to play minesweeper, if you know what I mean. For the next [...]

2012-07-22 02:17
Update v1.3.4
Minesweeper: Unlimited! got new icons and some new graphics for promotional purposes - kust liooks better now. Also the ad-size in the free version is now a bit smaller, hope you like it ;-) [...]

2012-06-07 22:35
Update v1.3.3
A new update was just released. At this point also the adfree versions are released. You can get them at google play or at amazon app store. Do not purchase it anywhere else, because you will not g [...]

2012-05-31 01:13
Update v1.3.2
WELL! Just released: The 1.3.2 Update for Minesweeper: Unlimited! This is an early release so think of it like a beta version - it is only available in the FREE version and only at google play s [...]

2012-05-28 14:14
Upcoming Update!
Well, well - it is time to get something new into Minesweeper: Unlimited! ;-) So the next version will cover some nice new features which you will like very much, I hope! The long awaited Online [...]

2012-05-25 14:14
How to play Minesweeper: Unlimited!
In this post I wanna try to describe the way this game is played - in the case you never played any Minesweeper Game before :-) The goal of the game is to set a flag on every mine on the board, so [...]

2012-01-17 20:22
MU! Update v1.2
A friendly customer has tried this game on his Kindle and informed me about some issues with the scrolling mechanism. That was a little bit my fault because I've tested the game on a tablet and tha [...]

2011-12-30 19:11
Minesweeper: Unlimited! -- Update v1.1
YES, we've ready and just uploaded the first update for Minesweeper: Unlimited! This Update contains some sound effects and also makes use of the built-in vibration-capabilities. So you get better [...]

2011-12-28 22:22
Next Sweeper-Features
As I first thought the "Fast-Reveal" Feature would be the best for everyone but it comes different. After I introduced Minesweeper: Unlimited! in some boards the other day i was asked if it is poss [...]

2011-12-23 20:32
Minesweeper: Unlimited! is now available!
Here it is - just finished and now available at Android Market. Minesweeper: Unlimited! is a classical Minesweeper Game on a hexagonal Layout - and you playfield can be nearly endless. Get the F [...]

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