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2012-07-22 02:17
Update v1.3.4
Minesweeper: Unlimited! got new icons and some new graphics for promotional purposes - kust liooks better now.

Also the ad-size in the free version is now a bit smaller, hope you like it ;-)
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1 RESPONSES TO "Update v1.3.4":
2013-01-01 09:22
Hi Peter,

your Minesweeper unlimited is far away the best Minsweeper I found in the google android market! In fact, I don't understand, that it doesn't have the editors reference.

Maybe two ideas to increase the comfort to play:

- To switch between the flag and the blade, it would be very comfortable, if it works with a double touch on a free space (or the Background).
- If the flag is active, it's ok as it is now. When the blade is active it would be very helpfully, if there is graphical readily identifiable e.g. the digits have a red edge, and if the flag is activ it is the white edge as it is right now.

Anyway, it is a great game - Thank you very much for that! And I will do my best, to assure the editors to give it a reference ;-)

Best Regards

answered by reiti.net:

Hi and thank you for suggestions!

Unfortunately the game lacks a bit of a "tutorial" so it was always hard to tell the user such special features (like it is with the tap-number-to-reveal feature) - so, your idea with the double tap would be hard to describe ingame.

Have you found the "Thumb Switcher" in the settings menu? You can switch between modes very fast with it.

The idea with the colors is actually pretty good, I will do something like that in the next version :-) Thanks for the idea!
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