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2011-12-28 22:22
Next Sweeper-Features
As I first thought the "Fast-Reveal" Feature would be the best for everyone but it comes different.

After I introduced Minesweeper: Unlimited! in some boards the other day i was asked if it is possible to implement a double-tap automatic for revealing mines.

I never thought about this because I like the Fast Reveal Feature and only play with that - but if there is demand for any other input method I want to try to fullfill that.

First Problem is: Double-Tap will never work because the game triggers every touch-n-hold as scrolling - that is, that the game will never accidentally reveal a field during scrolling or zoomng - so that have to stay like it is.

But I taked some minutes to think about some other methods - especially when there are moments hen you have to reveal a field manually on more difficult boards it's annoying to switch the mode, so i came up with this:

As an extra option there will be a "Thumb-Button" - a zone near your thumb where you can switch the mode temporarily as long as you tapped your thumb there.

This way it would be possible to keep the fast pace on the game without risking any false-reveals. To make it work properly I'll have to implement an Options-Window too. To turn that Feature on/off and - more important - to switch for left/right handed players.

So one can turn it off, one can turn it on on the left/bottom side and one can turn it on on the right bottom side.

That should give an excellent player experience in case a player dont like or dont want the Fast-Reveal-System.

This feature will be implemented in the next version, graphics are up but i tweak them a little bit more and have to implement the Options Dialog.

If everything goes right, I will also add some sounds to the game and use the vibration - therefore the next version sadly will need a permission for the firs time (vibrate)

But I think it is worth because the vibrate gives a good feedback for the player :-)

..and for sure, I hope you had a fine xmas at all ;-)
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