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2013-02-06 21:25
Update v1.4
After getting many feedback because the game was featured as the "Free app of the day" at amazon store a new update was just released. Let me tell you the changes:

First of all, there is now an ingame tutorial. Nothing extremely fancy (it's just text) but it describes the gameplay and some of the most important features - for example the fast-reveal feature!

There is also now a little video showing the gameplay very detailled, so everyone should now be able to play the game without guessing how it works :-)

Another feature requested was the ability to turn off online highscores. You can do so now in the settings menu, just turn online scores off and there is nothing transfered. Hopefully, that will work for you :-)

Also the paid version is now DRM free. I know it will get pirated, but I decided to give paying customers the best experience possible, so you don't have to mess around with Licenses any more.

Some people told me, that the highscore handling is a little bit strange but that's not the case. Some of you may wonder, why several names appear multiple times in one score list. The reason is, that I will not record any of your data just the name you enter, so there is NOTHING else submitted to the scoreboard concerning any of your private data.

Hopefully there are not too many kids trying to hack the score system .. if you do: find friends or go and put some saucage around your neck, so at least the dogs will play with you ;-)

I really hope you like the updates and let me know if you find any problems with the game, so I can fix it :-)
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2 RESPONSES TO "Update v1.4":
2014-04-02 15:26
Bob Peterson
Suggestion for the next version: At the end of a game, no matter how it ends, continue to show the numbers. That way we can see what we did wrong - or correct. Presently the numbers disappear and just the bombs are shown.
Great game!

answered by reiti.net:

Unfortunately that is not really possible, because the numbers only relate to hidden fields. At the end of the game there are no more hidden fields, therefore no numbers :-)

But I get your point, maybe it could switch somehow so you see the last state of the board. Thanks for suggesting!
2013-10-21 10:21
Best minesweeper-game ever!

answered by reiti.net:

You're welcome! I am glad you like it!
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