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2012-05-25 14:14
How to play Minesweeper: Unlimited!
In this post I wanna try to describe the way this game is played - in the case you never played any Minesweeper Game before :-)

The goal of the game is to set a flag on every mine on the board, so just clearing all fields which have no mine in it by digging them up.

That's how you can solve it:

Normally, you'll start with a board where some fields are alredy resolved. So you get a save point to start from.

What you see is some fields with Numbers. Those numbers does tell you how many mines (bombs) are directly around this specific field.
So, when a field tells you "1", than there is exactly ONE mine (bomb) in any of the directly adjancent fields.

Let's look at the board, there is a field with a "3" which means that there are THREE mines (bombs) around this specific field. As you can see, that in this case there are only 3 unrevealed fields around so because of that there is definitily 1 bomb in all three of them.

Let's place a Flag there and mark the mines. This will save you to accidentally open that fields - the game would be over when you reveal a field with a mine (bomb) in it!

Well, we've found our first three mines (there are more!), so let's see how we can progress.

Now, as we know, that these 3 fields contains a mine we can take a look at the other adjacent fields. You will find a field with a "1" on it. That means, there is only ONE mine around it. As we already know that there is a mine beside that field (we flagged it already) we also know, that there is surely NO mine in any other field around this on, so we can just clear these field up - let's dig it!

You do that by switching the tap mode at the top of the screen. Just tap there to switch the mode.

A faster way to open up fields is possible, when you flagged all fields with a mine around a field - just tap on the field with the number. That only works when the right number of fields is flagged around this specific field.
So in case of our "1" Field that is true, there is exactly ONE Flag around this field, so just tap the "1" Field to reveal all Fields around it automatically (no need to switch the mode manually)

As you can see, we were right, and some more fields get revealed, giving us more information about where the mines are hidden.

And that's how you will be able to find all the mines on this field - can you already see the next field which gives us already the knowledge where you can set your next flags?
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