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2012-05-31 01:13
Update v1.3.2

Just released: The 1.3.2 Update for Minesweeper: Unlimited!

This is an early release so think of it like a beta version - it is only available in the FREE version and only at google play store (look right left of this text).

New in this version is the Online Highscore Table. Everytime you beat your own score, you can submit it to our highscore server.

Because this service is new and I want to make sure that everything runs smoothly, this is a beta release. It will be watched for some days and after that period I will make the paid version ready - that is a lot of work because of the different stores and the different lincensing services and the different copy protections .. it's really a pain currently to maintain all these versions, but I will do it anyway, but give me some time to finish it.

Because of this early release you can be sure, that an upfollowing version will be bugfree ;-)

The Online Highscore System is only working, when you are connected to the internet, if you are not, you need to restart the game to activate it again.

As everytime: If you find a bug or have some ideas or suggestions, just post it here as a comment or in the forum or use the facebook fan page (are you already a fan? look right of this text and join the facebook fan page!).

Please also remember, that Minesweeper: Unlimited! has not all letters available so you will only be allowed to enter the letters a-z and digits for your highscore name.

If anyone spoils or hacks the highscore server or tries to cheat, I will exclude your access to it and - if it is needed - will reset all highscores on there.

Before I forget: With the new update all your current scores may get deleted - sorry for that, there is currently no way around it.

So, I hope you will like the new score system and stay tuned, because I plan to publish the scores here on the website, so everyone can look up the scores (on the phone you only see the best scores).
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