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2014-04-07 22:06
XNA: When models are not rendered at other computers
Well, this is actually a funny one and cost me nearly a whole day of investigation. The problem was that on several computers the lately released tech demo of Age Of Asteroids was not rendering sev [...]

2014-04-04 15:07
GIMP: Selecting a Layer by Clicking the Image
I've just found that it is worth to tell that information, because it may not be easy to find out :-) When doing my Texture/sprite Maps in Gimp I often end up with a lot of layers and selecting the [...]

2013-11-07 19:47
Keyboard: Mechanical VS Scissor Switch
You want a precise Keyboard? The new hype of MX Switches is just a hype. We already had Scissor Switches for years and they do not only feel more precise and are more silent, they actually are profabl [...]

2013-08-18 13:03
So, are you a car enthusiast?
There are people who just love their cars or their bikes. They put up How Tos, Videos and in different boards all around the world you find posts about people and their cars. Many of them are bu [...]

2013-07-27 23:01
... my website could benefit from a visual update. You know .. people get older (me too) and so the taste changes. I still like my pages but found, that it looks a bit odd. Too plain. Maybe I ge [...]

2013-07-27 22:47
Current good games
You always only see me talking about games, which are not worth the money or just got bad critics from me - btw they deserve it so much, that's why I write about them, so others hopefully do not waste [...]

2013-07-27 22:33
Citadels - Game Review - Is it worth?
Short term: No it is not worth at the moment to pay the high price for that game. What the hell happened to the game industry, that they push out such crappy beta games? First of all, if you´'v [...]

2013-04-07 18:55
Open Letter to EA
EA (Electronic Arts) is currently a semi finalist for the vote of the worst company in america! They recently reacted by an open letter why they think, they do not deserve to be the worst company i [...]

2013-03-21 12:28
Motorola Razr i VS Samsung Galaxy S3
Well after some time using my new Razr i it was time to swrite about a conclusion about this phone and my phone before, the S3. I will start with a short conclusion first, the Motorola is the bette [...]

2013-03-14 17:45
Samsung Galaxy S4 - my opinion
Some people are excited about the new Samsug Galaxy S4. Now - I am not and I'll tell you why: From the looks, it will look exactly like the S3 just bigger. Maybe like a Note 2 who knows. After a [...]

2013-03-14 17:36
Motorola Razr i arrived
Finally it is here and already replaced my Samsung Galaxy S3 I will write a detailed review about it very soon - but to already tell you: The switch was a good idea. The Razr is more pretty, more n [...]

2013-03-12 23:31
New Phone arrives tomorrow!
Time to switch my phone .. the S3 is a nice device, but after all it is a bit too big and actually .. it's not pretty.. Sorry, but I really don't find the S3 pretty .. it's actually ugly .. and a bit [...]

2013-03-10 14:13
Going really Cross Platform in 2D
I am currently in the progress of porting some of my games over to different plattforms. The goal is to release on as much platforms as possible. This is somewhat of a pain in the ass - I can tell [...]

2013-03-07 15:02
SimCity 5 (p)review - Do not get it now
There it is - the long awaited sequel of Sim City! This is some sort of Sim City (p)review - if you are currently one of those who are able to play, because (like everyone knew from the beginning) [...]

2013-03-02 11:41
Apple iCloud deletes E-Mails
Actually they don't but here is the story: Currently there are some people screaming, crying and whining because there were some mails not delivered - actually there were deleted silently therefore [...]

2013-03-01 16:20
New Mobile OS are on the way
There are currently several institutions around which try to develop a new OS for mobile devices. Mozilla is there, Canonical is there and Samsung also seems to work a bit in that direction. I d [...]

2013-03-01 15:08
About Google Glass
Google Glass is coming. A small device which is some sort of google (how ironic) which displays your handy display right in front of your eye. Well, google says, the meaning is, that people start t [...]

2013-02-24 11:58
Patent Search Engine
Somehow I stumbled upon this new search feature - in google you can now search up patents! google was always searching for new opportunities for their search engine and now, where everyone is suing [...]

2013-02-23 15:01
The "iWatch" is on the way
Yes, another "i" Product, which is not the first one and also isn't innovative - it is around all the time but it could be a pretty cool concept. First about apple. They already have patented a dev [...]

2013-02-17 22:22
Talking about eCPM and CPC
Most of you will most likely know the meanings of eCPM (Clicks per thousand) and CPC (Cost per Click) For developers the eCPM means nearly nothing, while the CPC means everything. It is the money y [...]

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