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2013-03-14 17:36
Motorola Razr i arrived
Finally it is here and already replaced my Samsung Galaxy S3

I will write a detailed review about it very soon - but to already tell you: The switch was a good idea. The Razr is more pretty, more nimble, feels better - I am very satisfied with it

..on the ther side I am very happy to get rid of the S3 .. it is a good phone, indeed, but after all it is to big and just doesn't look good.

The S4 will look the same and will be even bigger, so goodbye Samsung for now.

If someone has the Razr in one and the S3 in the other hand, you can feel it immediatly - the Razr just feels "more" and "better". There is some weight involved which is quite good, it feels rock solid.

A good switch!

The Intel Prozessor in the Razr is pretty good as well. You can feel differences between the Intel Atom and the Snapdragon in the S3 .. the Intel seems to be better suited, even when there are some little flaws to it. In generell I feel more confident with the Intel, it feels enough, while the snapdragon seems somehow underpowered even with 4 quores .. Intel has done a great job, system is pretty responsive, as I said, even more responsive than the snapdragon in differnt scenarios. Like!
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