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2013-03-14 17:45
Samsung Galaxy S4 - my opinion
Some people are excited about the new Samsug Galaxy S4.

Now - I am not and I'll tell you why:

From the looks, it will look exactly like the S3 just bigger. Maybe like a Note 2 who knows. After all, if I want a 5$ display I would go with the Note and would not care about the S4.

The S4 has raised in hardware. More Memory, more CPU Speed .. but if you think about it: Why? There is no really need for it. Android has it's flaws (yes, still) with performance management and yes, a bigger CU and bigger RAM may be a small benefit of it, but in the end, an S3 does run well, there is no need for a hardware upgrade.
I also think, because there are no other devices with that power, there also will be no app and no game make usage of that extra power so it is pretty useless in my opinion.

Samsung may try to just sell to those who are willed to pay the extra, just because they can. Actually apple is serving those customers, there is not much room for Samsung so why care.

So the S3 had already 2 very problems: The Size and the look. Guess what, Samsung changed everything, except those problems, they were made worse :-)

So sorry Samsung, I hoped for more design from your corner and not warming up a concept which just has worked because of being fast enough to use android properly.

Nowdays there are plenty of devices in the much better phone-worthy sizes of 4-4.5 inch which come with enough power and serve with better built quality and many other things.

In terms of the looks, the Galaxy S3/S4 are currently nearly the worst looking smartphones at all (my opinion) but comes with pretty good hardware.

Not sure, if Samsung will stay that big on smartphone market with their concept. There will be buyers, for sure, but nearly every other manufacturer is now switching for good looking devices with decent materials because they know, hardware is now at a useable level.

Would love to hear your opinions about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, it may be, that I've missed any important fact?
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2 RESPONSES TO "Samsung Galaxy S4 - my opinion":
2013-05-27 14:39
I think your argument about the cores is pretty lame. Yes we don't need it now, but if nobody pushed the limit then all development will come to a halt. When developers know there is a marketing for more cpu dependent app, then they will start to appear. Not the other way around.

answered by

Actually the multi-core-problem is android related. You see on the Intel Atom Android runs smoother than on a QuadCore Qualcomm of the S3.

QuadCores are available for some years now - and it seems that the hyper-threaded atom can handle android better than the Qualcomm. Point is: A Mobile Device will never need to handle multiple concurrent hardcore apps (as a matter of available battery).

So going for more battery life (hyper thread) is the better way to go instead of pushing always more power in a device which will never need it.
Software Devs will always look for a wide range of users. You just cannot develop an app, which needs 8 cpu cores because that app will simply not run on most of the devices.

I see your point, that someone has to start the heavy-gear-mobile-devices. But there will always be low-level low-cost devices and the devs need to care for them as well.
2013-03-16 21:15
1. Problem - Material, I do not know what they thinking! Plastic case on 600+ euro phone?

2. It is very ugly design, I do not believe that such huge company can not hire some talented design studio to make some awesome looking case.

3. 8 cores? Is there any games that uses even four (except few)? Two cores are needed just for Android because it is buggy as hell.

4. Presentation was so amateur, look like that they prepare show 15 minutes before live show.

Samsung has a gun and they has a chance to shoot competition but they shoot in air. In my opinion this is a begin of the end of their domination on Android.

answered by

Hi and thanks for your comment

1. Actually I had no problem with plastic as long as it is good manufactured (less weight) but knowdays other manufacturers are using much more sophisticated materials - so samsung somehow missed the point

2. It is true, we know from the past, that samsung can do better. Not always but they did made good looking devices as well. Maybe they are just afraid of going rectangular and being sued by apple :-)

3. I also do not understand the core-hype. Android is pretty bad in handling multiple cores. My Motorola has a single core Atom with Hyperthreading and does react mostly faster than the S3 .. so there is really no point in putting more cores into an android device

4. It seems that Samsung is in a hurry with pushing out a new phone. That may be because of the new Windows Phones (they are getting feet). Samsung may aim to sell their flagship before Windows is too present on the market (will happen this year, started with entry phones from HCT and Nokia, all coming out now)

The S3 was such a hit because it were coming to the right time. They got the train because of being fast enough to push the S3. So the S3 was pretty good placed. The S4 does not have this. Market is full of very good devices for a much lesser price.

I would not blaim Android here .. It is what it is and it is not bad - it just suffers from different factors like Java and no restrictions in device capabilities (devs no what a pain it is to code for android).

But in the end, Android does acutally work pretty well - but there is really no need for 8 cores in my opinion :-)
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