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2013-03-21 12:28
Motorola Razr i VS Samsung Galaxy S3
Well after some time using my new Razr i it was time to swrite about a conclusion about this phone and my phone before, the S3.

I will start with a short conclusion first, the Motorola is the better device. That's just what it is read about it:


Before my decision for the Motorola I was searching the web and reviews about the not so well known Intel Atom (which is built in the Razr i - the i stands for Intel). The Intel Atom CPU does only have ONE physical core and uses hyperthreading to simulate more cores. That is working pretty well actually. To be honest the whole phone feels faster and more responsive than the Quad Core in the S3 - and that is surprising.

The Intel Atom in the Motorola Razr i does its job really pretty well, everything is smooth and even when opening different apps at the same time - where the S3 was struggling hard - the Motorola stays smooth and shows no intention of lagging of any kind.

With the S3 it always was a hassle when opening the contacts app and wait for a second - that is just not the case with the Razr - everything ist fast an nimble.

That's a big plus, which mainly makes the Motorola the better device.


Dont like to write numbers here .. you can find detailed numbers all over the web. I will provide you practical Information.
I think every feature you can possibly want is on both phones. Even NFC, Front Cam, Back Cam. Pictures with Cams are good - if you want any better, go for a DSL and not for a phone :-)
Sound Quality is good enough, Displays are of equal quality etc .. so of the hardware internals there is just no big difference except the CPU.. so there is no reason to prefer the S3


The Display was always a plus for the S3 - it looks very good. But actually - that may be because of the overall stylisher theme on the Motorola - the motorrola lokks better for me, it is more crisp, it is better readable in the sun and there is no big frame around the display, big plus for the motorola, I would not prefer the S3 here.

Also the Display of the Motorola is 4.3 inch .. the display of the S3 is MUCH bigger .. too big to reach every part of the screen with the thumb. The motorola has the perfect size.
And just because there is hardly any border/frame around the display, the Motorola ist just as big as a regular 4 inch phone of any other manufacturer.

Build Quality

Here is the part where the Motorola will glance. Honestly if you put out the Motorola the first time and hold it in your hand, you start smiling because of it feels so much worthy. The weight, the materials, the look, it is just awesome. You just cannot compare it to the S3 which (in comparison) feels more like a toy. Also the size of the motorola is much better suited for a phone . I would call it the perfect size for a smartphone.

Sure, you cannot switch the battery in the Motorola - for me that does simply not matter, I've never had a died battery on any of my phones, but normally I switch them after some time to get a new one. The Motorola is not exactly cheap to buy .. but it is cheaper than the S3, and you get so much more quality with it.

At the moment, if you want a smartphone I would defenitely recommend the Razr i - no exception it is just a good device worth it's price. Everything is working and feels much more expensive. For me that counts more than an unpractical big display and a slow quad core :-)

There are no images here at the moment, you may be interested in the optical differences and especially about the size. But let me tell you this. I have searched image comparisons as well because I was not confident about the size and all those images etc didn't help me at all. They just do not tell anything.

If you one of those who find the S3 too big and searching for something a bit smaller - go for the Razr i it is just the right size. not too small not too big, and the screen actually fills nearly the whole device, so you do not waste ANY place at all.

Perfect device, Kudos to Motorola
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