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2013-07-27 22:33
Citadels - Game Review - Is it worth?
Short term: No it is not worth at the moment to pay the high price for that game.

What the hell happened to the game industry, that they push out such crappy beta games?

First of all, if you´'ve found this post, you may already know what Citadels is. It is an Real Time Strategy Castle Building Ecenomy Simulation .. merely like Ages of Empire, but in 3D. Like Stronghold.

Well - if you are into games, let me tell you, this game from the beginning feels like an Early Access Game. Chunky Controls. Missing Controls. It even crashed after some minutes of playing.

It may be, that I have not found the right buttons (there are not so much) but if you played Age of Empires, you may know the "Find idle Worker" Button - it does not exist in Citadels, so I always was searching for idle workers, when I need one. What the hell?

You can build walls and towers. This is a hard approach to do in 3D so I was curios if they were able to deliver something good. No. They were not. It is not very free. Once a wall is built you are not allowed to modify it's lenght. There are some buttons for it, but I don't see how they work .. There is no tutorial ...

Graphics also looks a bit like digged out from Stone age.

Guys. Don't get me worng. I do not expect the best graphics, a deep story perfect controls handling and a tutorial from every game. I am pretty fine if all those is missing in indy games, prices with under 20 bucks.

But holy shit - they really want 39 euros ?? Get Age of Empire. It may be old, it may be 2D .. but it is better. Sadly though.

Even Stronghold 3 would be a massive better choice to invest in. It should be already stable. There is good graphics, handling is not perfect, but atm better than in Citadels and it should be stable .. hopefully. Havent tried. They also pushed out a beta in the beginning.

If you ask me - go for indy games. Really. In my experience they just work better. They may not have the best graphics and may not have many artwork in trms of videos and other marketig stuff. But really .. look at Sim City .. they messed it up completely.

Go for Indy!
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