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2013-07-27 22:47
Current good games
You always only see me talking about games, which are not worth the money or just got bad critics from me - btw they deserve it so much, that's why I write about them, so others hopefully do not waste their money on it.

But luckely there are a bunch of games which are a lot of fun - also for me.

Recently I get Left4Dead 2 in a steam deal - hell, that is a funny game. It's a bit like Serious Sam but with Zombies and with Multiple Characters. It's a pretty nice twist, it is a lot of fun and athmosphere and the players you meet online are mostly friendly - good game. Kudos for Valve.

After Battlefield 3 came out, I lost contact, even, when I was a big fan of BF 2142 and Bad Company 2. BF 3 comes with Origin.. No way for me, sorry EA.

But there are some very good Alternatives: Planetside 2. Go for it. It is worth every minute spent and it is FREE!

Another cool game for those of us who like Online Shooters is Alliance of Valiant Arts. It is free to play and you can get it on steam or search it in the web. I spent many hours in that because it is fun for me. I liked it. Unfortunately it was sold from studio to studio so they messed my acc. up and I lost everything and had to start over. Expect no Support for a free game.

Top Indy Games I currently like and play:
Don't Starve

You may look them up, they are well made (but 2D .. no Problem with it)

I still play Sim City 4 from time to time, because it is a great game. Do NOT play Sim City 5 - it is crap AND it uses Origin.

And another one for valve - which is a bit of strange, because I often blame them because of steam problems, hehe - is Dota 2.
I got it gifted by a friend and so I gave it a try. And actually I pretty like it. It is well made.
But community .. ououou .. I think there is no other game where online players are more harassing all the time, and valve seems very unexperienced with online games somehow, when they say, they want to investigate, why ppl stopped playing Dota and they think it is only harassing. No, Valve. It is the ppl. It is the leavers. "Oh, there is a noob in the team, I may lose" - and leave. Easy like that. Give players a voting system where we can punish leavers. Leavers are the most hated user group

And many players there are just dump. They think everyone playing the game is a pro out of the box. And if they make a mistake or actually are noobs, they got flamed like they killed someone. Maybe Valve should improve the matchmaking. Neither want a noob play with pros, nor want pros play with noobs. It is not so difficult, Valve, you don't have to pay millions of dollars in analyst to get the idea, just watch some games from time to time and you will see .. if you care.

Oooh, and there are so much more games I've played the last months but I just cannot mention them all. Playing Games for me is a bit of relaxing - and I really want to play good games. Well made games. I do not need AAA Graphics. I want just a good game.

edit: OH, OH! Civilisation V .. that have to stay here too :-) Well made.
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